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The Rewards of Reading Community Newspapers

Fast-paced technological advancements mean that we are now living in a global community. We can read newspapers from foreign countries, chat with friends across the country via social media sites and programs such Skype and view up-to-date images from even the most remote of regions with photo sharing websites and news bureaus.

As worldwide citizens receiving such an influx of information each day, it can be easy to look outside of our communities for information news. Yet 75 percent of Canadians regularly read their local newspaper. Here are a few of the reasons we believe make local papers so popular:

  • Reading a local newspaper helps you to understand the issues facing your community. Local news coverage often leads to an understanding of prevalent issues facing the your neighborhood, making you more aware of how particular political decisions are affecting you on a day to day basis and providing the opportunity for you to contribute to the community and affect change.
  • Community newspapers increase dialogue within a community. Look at the Letters page of any local community newspaper: it is likely packed each week with community members debating with each other on an ongoing basis. The more dialogue in a community, the more chance of improvement and development. Community newspapers help to support this.
  • Reporters at community newspapers focus on people’s stories. What is a community but a collection of individuals with their own fascinating tales? Local papers provide rare insight into the talents, memories and experiences of community residents which makes for extremely entertaining reading.
  • Communities grow closer and friendlier as a result of community newspapers. Seeing your neighbor’s photo in the paper, realizing that your local baker is also a successful opera singer, or finding out about local events where you can meet fellow residents all help people to feel that they are part of a community. This can lead to long-lasting bonds and friendships throughout the area.

CCNA/CNA Webinar – Register Now!

The CCNA/CNA will be hosting a webinar on Better Beat Reporting on September 21 from 12pm to 1pm EDT.  BCYCNA’s own Gord Hoekstra of the Prince George Citizen will host the webinar and discuss finding features while still producing copy for your regular beat.

You can find all the details here or go directly here to register.  $25 for CCNA/CNA Members and $50 for non-members.

Print Preferred

Media Guardian recently published an interesting – and reassuring – article about the finds of an Ipsos survey about adults’ newspaper purchasing choices. The results bring good news for the printing industry and newspaper owners who rely on printed formats.

63 per cent of online adults said they would prefer to access their newspaper of choice by buying the printed copy than going online. Only 11 per cent said their first choice would be to access it digitally.

A similar survey of 2,160 UK adults, conducted by YouGov, found that 60 per cent of adults think it is worth paying for a “good newspaper”.

The figures are a positive sign for both local newspapers and classified ad customers, showing that while new media and technological advancements are changing the industry, people still value the tactile and relaxing experience of “sitting down with the paper”. What’s more, this trend means that Classified ads will likely be viewed more than once.

Here at Community Classifieds we think we have the best of both worlds: we have embraced online technology to provide a cutting-edge booking system for our customers while supporting the printed newspaper industry in communities throughout Canada.

Newspapers Looking to Profit from Record-Setting Web Traffic

Recently, reported that traffic to newspaper websites is steadily rising, despite the fact that many newspapers are undecided on how to maximize profits from their own websites.

In the US, unique visitors to newspaper websites grew 10% from March to April, according to a Newspaper National Network study. Since the beginning of 2010, unique visitors grew by 15% in the top 25 US markets. Newspaper websites in the US are experiencing record-setting pageviews with 2 billion recorded in the month of April.

In an article published last week on The Guardian’s website, newspapers must explore new ways to profit from this unbridled growth. It was explained that newspapers need to find a way to keep their two traditional streams of revenue open – advertising and cover price – and explore other revenue-generating online activities, such as e-commerce and enterprise.

Could we see a future in which readers subscribe to their newspaper’s website or access individual articles through a system like iTunes?

Read the full Guardian article here.

Good Grammar Rules

Various members of our Community Classifieds’ team very much enjoyed reading George Pearson’s article in the The Publisher (published by the Canadian Community Newspaper Association) describing some of the common grammatical footfalls writers make. His article, “To comma or not to comma is a question editors should ponder” draws attention to the importance of talented, knowledgeable editors in the industry by describing some common grammatical errors that can drastically alter the meaning of a sentence (No leak protection as a slogan compared to No-leak protection).

We wanted to draw your attention to the article for two reasons: first, to celebrate the work of editors and subeditors in community newspapers throughout Canada who are often the unseen side of the newspaper industry. Second, to reaffirm the importance of double-checking grammar and spelling whenever you place a classified ad that could potentially be seen by up to 7 million people in across the country!

Community Classified Partner BCYCNA Achieves Significant Victory for Members After Meeting with Attorney General Mike de Jong

The Attorney General’s office announced recently that the $6 search fees imposed as of January of this year will be done away with as of August 31.  This will enable the public (and journalists) to once again search online court records for free.

One of Community Classifieds’ partners, the BCYCNA had been fighting the fee since its inception in January and for several years prior the association had been in meetings with many departments and senior staff to ensure that access to court documents was easy and free for every newspaper.

“This is a huge achievement for our papers, ” said BCYCNA General Manager, George Affleck. “The cost to our members over the long term would have been into the millions of dollars.”

Affleck said that the fees would have proven to be restrictive in that community newspapers already work on such tight budgets. Investigative journalism and court journalism would have suffered.

“I would like to thank the AG for listening to our concerns and standing by his very public opinion that our judicial system should be more accessible not less,” Affleck continued.

The BCYCNA represents 120 community papers in every corner of the region. ”This decision is important to all of them,” concluded Affleck.

Canadian Governmet continues to fund Newspapers across Canada

Last week the Government of Canada announced that 11 non-daily newspapers and magazines belonging to the Canadian Community Newspaper Association would receive funding through the Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF). The CPF has three component parts for funding options: Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, and Collective Initiatives. Aid to Publishers awards enabled the Alberta and Ontario publications to invest in a variety of different aspects of their newspaper production process from marketing to training to developing online and digital platforms and resources. While the Aid to Publishers funding deadline has closed, publishers can still apply for the Business Innovation award which aims to increase the diversity of content for newspapers and online publications for Canadian readers.