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Students Write Their Own Future in Journalism

Our latest blog post discussed the multi-tasking of community newspaper journalists. The Publisher – a publication from the Canadian Community Newspaper Association – recently featured an article discussing this model, and the importance of journalism students to learn entrepreneurial skills as well as practiced reporting abilities. It reads, “Today’s newsrooms are looking for journalism school graduates who can write, photograph, tweet, text, and generally move in and around the new news ecology with ease, style and skill.”

Jeff Jarvis, associate professor and director of the Interactive Journalism Program at City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism, has created a program focusing on just this. He believes that young journalists will face careers different from those in the past and, as such, schools should reflect this by providing tools to create one’s own opportunities and deal with the evolving nature of newsrooms and the media.

For community newspapers, this wide base of training promises a new era of journalism and forward-thinking that can create even stronger community connections and news-telling opportunities, both on and offline.

Proving the Power of Newspapers and their Websites

As part of their media buy to promote RSPs, Scotiabank advertised in newspapers and on newspaper websites during the competitive RSP season (which also happened to be during the 2010 Winter Olympics this year).  The combination of print and online helped boost spontaneous awareness of Scotiabank to 76%.  Its media agency highlighted that “marrying the two media, newspaper and online, further propelled our reach and effectively created synergy for the campaign.”

Read the full case study here.

Print Preferred

Media Guardian recently published an interesting – and reassuring – article about the finds of an Ipsos survey about adults’ newspaper purchasing choices. The results bring good news for the printing industry and newspaper owners who rely on printed formats.

63 per cent of online adults said they would prefer to access their newspaper of choice by buying the printed copy than going online. Only 11 per cent said their first choice would be to access it digitally.

A similar survey of 2,160 UK adults, conducted by YouGov, found that 60 per cent of adults think it is worth paying for a “good newspaper”.

The figures are a positive sign for both local newspapers and classified ad customers, showing that while new media and technological advancements are changing the industry, people still value the tactile and relaxing experience of “sitting down with the paper”. What’s more, this trend means that Classified ads will likely be viewed more than once.

Here at Community Classifieds we think we have the best of both worlds: we have embraced online technology to provide a cutting-edge booking system for our customers while supporting the printed newspaper industry in communities throughout Canada.

Canadian Governmet continues to fund Newspapers across Canada

Last week the Government of Canada announced that 11 non-daily newspapers and magazines belonging to the Canadian Community Newspaper Association would receive funding through the Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF). The CPF has three component parts for funding options: Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, and Collective Initiatives. Aid to Publishers awards enabled the Alberta and Ontario publications to invest in a variety of different aspects of their newspaper production process from marketing to training to developing online and digital platforms and resources. While the Aid to Publishers funding deadline has closed, publishers can still apply for the Business Innovation award which aims to increase the diversity of content for newspapers and online publications for Canadian readers.